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Safe Yards for Dogs
Louise Harding
1 July 2020
4 December 2023
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Whether you’re awaiting the arrival of a new puppy or dog or you are already blessed with a furry friend, checking your yard is safe is a MUST-DO. 
Why not set aside some time this weekend to prepare a safe place for your pet.

Here are a few things to check:

Fencing and gates

  • Check all fences for gaps. Rule of thumb is to measure the distance between your animal’s shoulders and use that as a guide. Dog’s can squeeze through gap’s half the width of their shoulders.
  • Make sure all gates are lockable and secure.

Water & Pools

  • Don’t leave your dog around a pool or large body of water unsupervised particularly if there is no way for them to easily exit the water.
  • Pool chemicals/electric leads should always be stored out of your dog’s reach.
  • Check there are no ways for your dog to enter the pool area without you.

Plants & Insecticides

  • Are your plants dog safe? Some plants, trees and veggies are toxic for dogs. There are many generic lists available on the web (see RSPCA or your country’s veterinarian association), however, it is best to check toxic local species with your Vet. 


  • DO NOT use toxic chemicals in areas where your dog will be housed or playing. All types of fuels are also dangerous for your dog should they ingest them.


  • Good old sticks, well they actually aren’t good at all. In fact, sticks can present many hazards to your dog. They can cause puncture wounds, injure eyes and if chewed and ingested can pierce bowels and tear internal tissues. There are a number of excellent products you can buy that simulate sticks for play and won’t pose the grave risk of the wooden variety.

Kennels & Shelter

  • Does your dog have a shaded area to rest? You need to check your yard areas throughout the different seasons as the position of the sun changes. Dog’s exposed to excessive heat can quickly become ill. Remember heat also is reflected off hard surfaces such as concrete and tin.
  • Does your dog have a safe area out of the wind and rain? This is a must!
  • Does your dog's area have all the essentials? A kennel or sheltered undercover area to sleep? Enrichment toys?  Water? A separate place for toileting?

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