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7 Reasons Why Online Dog Training Is Great
Louise Harding
23 March 2021
7 December 2023
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7 Reasons Why Online Dog Training Is Great

One thing I absolutely understand is the challenge of a busy life. It can get to the point where you think, “I just can’t fit another thing in”.  I get it and that’s why online dog training is such a great resource. Whether you’re a shift worker, have family responsibilities or just aren’t comfortable in social settings, an online training program could be the answer for you.

1. The focus is on you and your dog. Time spent training your dog is precious, and there’s no better way to make the most of this time than being able to focus singly on your own pet. You and your dog will work together without the need to dilute your time by waiting on other pet owners and their dogs.

2. Distractions are limited. In your own yard, with your dog, you can make the best of your time together without the distractions of an onsite class. When you’re learning a new skill together, the fewer distractions the better.

3. Learning happens at your own pace, and at the pace of your dog. We all know that learning happens at the pace of the learner, and each dog and owner have their own rhythm, their own learning curve. Online teaching ensures you are able to stick with each lesson until it takes hold. There is no hurry to move on to the next skill until you conquer the one you’re working on together.

4. You don’t have to leave your home. This is a definite benefit, and even more so in these uncertain times.  Being able to work on behaviour challenges at home, or in your own area means you never have to wait; training will easily fit in with your busy lifestyle. Time spent travelling to the training venue can now be spent working with your dog, in their most familiar surroundings.

5. You can focus on exactly what your dog needs to learn. Your dog may be great at some commands, but find others a real challenge. With online training videos, you can watch them repeatedly as often as you need. You and your furry friend can practice as often as you like until you and your dog have perfected that behaviour.

6. You and your dog can learn the lessons in the order that is best for you both. Your dog may already confidently respond to a particular command, so a quick refresher is all that is needed. If you find that your dog is keen to work with you on one particular skill, you can choose to work on that until you are both happy with your combined expertise in that area. Then you can move on to the next lesson.

7. You can participate no matter your dogs’ abilities. Humans are just like dogs, we are all different. Some aren't comfortable in group situations. Online training removes the very real feelings of awkwardness and social anxiety.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, your dog is a little out of control or maybe in desperate need of good manners, even if you’re looking to supplement the learning in your face-to-face classes, then you should definitely give online training a go. You and your furry friend will be feeling better connected and accomplished in no time.
If you're interested in giving online dog training a go, you can find my courses here.


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