Louise Harding
Nose to Tail Workbook 3 of 6
Nose to Tail Workbook 3 of 6
Nose to Tail Workbook 3 of 6

Nose to Tail: Workbook 3 of 6 Sold as complete set


Is your wish to develop a trusting life-long connection with your dog? Do you want your dog to be respectful and well-trained? Would you like to train your dog with kindness?

In this Workbook, Louise will show you that The Six-pack of core behaviours - Sit, Down, Stay, Quiet, Come and Loose-lead walking are the beginning to your dog training journey.

In fact, they are the foundation from which all behaviours can be taught.

You will learn to teach this Six-pack with easy to follow steps and importantly, how to fit the training into your busy life schedule.

Implemented carefully, with kindness, patience and thought, these core behaviours will create a strong skill-base for life at home and further training.

At the same time, they will help you develop a strong relationship between you and your dog that is based on trust.

NOSE to TAILA Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream DogLouise Harding Author, Speaker and Master Dog Trainer


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