Louise Harding


Louise Harding


Helping Humans Understand Dogs

Louise presents regularly at major events, seminars and community gatherings.

An engaging speaker, she shares anecdotes from her years of experience, imparting knowledge with humour and fun. Her audience always receives valuable take-home advice they can put to use immediately.

Outlined below are the range of topics Louise can deliver presentations on.

Please note she always tailor makes her presentations, so if you have a specific topic in mind that isn’t listed here, please contact Louise to discuss and she’ll do her utmost to accommodate your request.



Louise can present on a broad range of topics.
All for the Love of the Chase - Louise Harding - Animal Talent
How to Choose the Right Dog
Rescue Dog Checklist
  • Dream Dog – Choosing a dog that’s a perfect fit for you and your family.
  • Come Here Pippi – Teaching your dog to come when called – ‘Reliable recalls’.
  • Stepping Out – Teach your dog to walk on a loose lead. No more dislocated shoulders.
  • Help!!!! – Understanding and modifying problematic behaviours, examples: jumping up, nipping, running away and digging.
  • Fun, Fun, Fun – Environmental enrichment – keeping your dog stimulated mentally and physically.
  • PayDay – Rewards and motivators. How to use them effectively in your training.
  • Nice To Meet You – Teach your dog how to politely greet friendly strangers.
  • Stay and Stillness – Teaching your dog to stay, be calm and still.
  • Lights, Camera, Action – What’s involved in training animal actors.
  • Play – Games to play with your dog that help make training fun.
  • Hello, Hello, Bounce, Hello, Hello – How to curtail overly excited greetings at the door.


If you would like Louise to present, or have her dogs perform at your next event
That’s Pawsome!  Contact Louise today.


“Louise is a fantastic trainer. I can highly recommend her for all your training needs from puppy to adult dog.”
Thom NewmanAugust 2019
“Can't recommend Louise enough .. practical real-life training with a bit of fun. The most understanding knowledgeable animal trainer. Amazing with kids too.”
Sally DahlAugust 2019
“Our little dog Buttons enjoys his school days...where he sees his friends and Louise and loves his agility course...and learning different things…”
Janice Teefy McDougallAugust 2019
Absolute professional with so much canine knowledge...Thoroughly recommend Animal Talent for all your dog training needs.”
Stacey SaulAugust 2019
NOSE to TAILA Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream DogLouise Harding Author, Speaker and Master Dog Trainer


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