Louise Harding
Nose to Tail Workbook 5 of 6
Nose to Tail Workbook 5 of 6
Nose to Tail Workbook 5 of 6

Nose to Tail: Workbook 5 of 6 Sold as complete set

Do you want to enjoy stress-free outings with your dog? Is your aim to have an obedient dog who is relaxed and happy to follow instructions in different locations? Would you like to understand what your dog is thinking?

In Workbook 5, you will introduce your dog to the sights, smells, and sounds of new environments, whilst Louise teaches you to understand your dog's emotive states and how to read your dog's body language.

This training builds on The Six-pack of core behaviours by extending them to be performed out and about, and in brand new environments!

You will also teach your dog how to behave in a cafe and how to create stress-free visits to the vet. 

NOSE to TAILA Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream DogLouise Harding Author, Speaker and Master Dog Trainer


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