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Why a Corgi Should Be Your Next Dog
Louise Harding
15 July 2020
12 April 2024
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I think Corgis are great pets, perhaps my special fondness for the breed is because we had one when I was growing up. 
I still ‘till this day remember vividly the day coming home from school to our new bundle of fur - Sue.

It was a drive for Mum and Dad to Otorohanga to pick her up, dad had been off work recovering from a heart attack.  
Sue was a confident and out-going 8-week old puppy. Despite her small size, she was a fearless and independent pocket rocket.  Some might say we were a perfect match! 
Sue was my first introduction to a herding breed, and my love for herding breeds continues today.
I’d love to have another Corgi in the future, just not sure I could sneak another dog into the house at the moment.

Let me take you for a bit of a whirl about the Corgi.
Corgis were initially bred as a herding breed and as everyone knows they are the Queen’s breed of choice. They have a good work ethic and I have seen them competing in dog sports, obedience and agility mainly.  In terms of breed numbers in Australia, they are holding their own, though it seems they aren’t quite as popular as they once were. I can’t understand why!

There are two types of Corgis - Pembroke and Cardigan. Both breeds are known as the Welsh Corgi, with the Cardigan Welsh Corgi the older of the breeds. They have varied colours: fawn, black & tan, sable, black & white, blue, red and their double coat needs regular brushing and they do moult! 
Corgis are a medium-size dog with a longish stocky body on short legs.  They should be kept lean as overweight Corgis can be susceptible to health issues. They should have a waistline with a visible tuck just below the ribcage.  It’s important to note that as a breed, Corgis can be prone to hip dysplasia and disc issues so if you own or are thinking of owning a Corgi always purchase your dog from a reputable registered breeder. Corgis do require a reasonable amount of exercise and this is easily achieved with outings and retrieving games. Adventures outdoors with a Corgi are a great way to reinforce the dog/owner bond and have the added benefit of keeping the dog trim and fit.

Corgis are a happy breed and make great family pets. And did I mention they are just the cutest puppies!  What’s not to love about a Corgi?

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